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experiences regarding this. >> thanks. just want to thank parks and rec and especially steve and vicky for the amazing summer my son had. jonah is 10 years old. he's severely autistic. he's not verbal. every year we get the park and rec wonderful offerings. my daughter talks about what she's going to sign up for. it's it's what can we do for jonah? jonah goes to camp mom as steve alluded to and it's just not the same as being out with other kids his own age. it's so good for the kids. it's so good for the families. it's so good for the siblings to see their siblings can go out. jonah has not been away from me. steve's son, my son, they're quite affected. they are not going to go into new spaces, overwhelming spaces without a structure and support and every day jonah happily got out of the car, ran to his wonderful aide, chris, and came home filthy. came home with dirt from climbing up the canyon and with the rope swings. and just happy, happy child. like every parent dreams of having is a happy child who goes to camp and enjoys his summer rather than enjoying the summer of no structure
seem benign, but iowa republican steve king knows the the elle nazis are up to something sinister. >> they've called it "preventative medicine." well, if you apply that preventative medicine universally, what you end up with is you've prevented a generation. >> stephen: exactly. americans only have children by accident. it's clearly hard to imagine anyone having steve king on purpose. i mean, free birth control... [applause] free birth control will wipe out the american race. that's what wiped out the dinosaurs. a bowl of free condoms. so i don't know how the t-rex got them on. [applause] [laughter] folks, i'm angry. folks, this plan is not just the end of humanity. it is the end of decency. as explained by outraged blonde fox lady. >> why in the world would you encourage your daughters and your granddaughters and whoever else comes behind you to have unrestricted, unlimited sex any time, anywhere? >> stephen: yeah. why? because hickory smoked lady and i know that if we give your daughters and granddaughters access to birth control, they will instantly turn into wanton hard lets w
earlies in nice enough that steve wanted to take toby and buddy out for a walk. steve is always had riding out a big storm on his bucket list. >> i worked down here notice 70s for ten summers and always on my list to be in a hurricane. >> steve has been in storms with 70-mile-per-hour winds, but he is looking for more. >> over 90 it's a whole different story. >> in ocean city, abc 2 news. >>> and we are working for you staying ahead of this storm. follow abc 2 news online and on your mobile go. to our website and get all of the latest information right here. state of emergency for annapolis. hurricane item necessity list. harford county state of emergency. all the things you need to know about what you need to know as far as dealing with irene and getting the kit together and power outages, anything you need to know. if your power goes out and have the quell phone you can go to our website or go right to our weather aplet and get up to the latest temperatures. get a shot of the forecast up here. big fat fingers and let's see -- there we go. you can get this up here and see updated weather
. when we talked to him he basically said, hey, this is mother nature, listen to steve. >> if it's going to go, bet on 19. bet on 19. it could go all the way. you are living on the edge. the ocean is 75 feet from the house. i am living, i chose to live on the edge. >> steve has $250,000 of his excellent art and that may go to. he said, maybe the watermarks will make the paintings even more valuable. that is the kind you get out in these beach communities i think. steve as you know is pretty unique character. >> shep: it looks as if somebody brushed his hair? >> that was me, i did a couple shirt buttons up. he likes the buttons up but i tidied him up just for you. >> jonltdz hucht or resident brit standing on the beach. >> shep: i was reporting a little while ago on what we believe or the locals are believed is a tornado. we can't confirm it until the weather service says so. sand bridge area, check that. sand bridge area, i guess five houses have been damaged. a couple of them pretty severely. here is the only video we have out of it. the sand bridge area. i thought was another town but
of traffic in the last couple days. >>> this week steve jobs announced retirement as apple's ceo and now his boyhood home is a magnet for tourist. we go to where the faithful are flocking. >> reporter: this home is considered a mecca for techies and for those who are just plain curious. it was here that steve jobs grew up and in this garage where apple was born. >> we're from australia. >> reporter: that's why jeff and his son had to stop by. they are here from australia on a silicon valley tour and no stop is complete without a visit to the famous garage. >> it's amazing. i'm just completely blown away. it's really inspiring and it's just so hard to put that into perspective that all started in somebody's garage. >> reporter: two tourists that have stopped by to take pictures of a home and garage where steve jobs created the apple computer. the visit became more mandatory when they heard that jobs stepped down as apple's ceo. >> we were planning to come but it made sure that we got here today. it was on our must-see list today. >> reporter: neighbors jean and joanne knew jobs as a young boy
before antietam there was a peninsula campaign. steve, heir brained or brilliant plan that had a chance at ending the war? is. >> well, mc"closing bell" rand thought it was going to be very much -- he thought the war would be over. his famous letter to lincoln after the failure of the seven days, he had actually drafted before the seven days started, and he was planning to resume the role of commander in chief -- general in chief, i should say. and he expected to be writing this letter from richmond. so he was very optimistic million the seven days, until lee attacked him. >> jim, lee emerged during this campaign almost overnight, it seemed. granny lee became the successful defender of the confederacy. was he a sleeping giant that was allowed to slumber too long by jefferson davis? >> well, no, i don't think so because lee's experience in the first year of the war had been a succession of failure. after he had helped immobilize the virginia troops and then had joined the confederacy when virginia finally did join the confederacy, he had been sent out to deal with the problem in the west
to the special edition of fox 5 news. i'm steve chenevey. >>> i'm allison seymour. hurricane irene bringing heavy rain and 80 mile an hour wind in north carolina. we'll start seeing rain early this morning or early afternoon. one of the big concerns in the washington area, power outages. already dominion power is reporting more than 33,000 outages, most in southeast virginia and north carolina. >>> we're going to check with gwen who joins us with the latest on the storm. >> causing an awful lot of problems for people along that area. this is just the beginning of what's going to happen after this storm pushes its way up the mid-atlantic. we'll show you this storm. it is pushing its way in on to land. it's now 60 miles southwest of cape hatteras. water levels expected to rise as much as 9 to 5 feet above ground level. there are hurricane warnings in this area of course and all along the coast. storm surge, some 4 to # feet above ground level from north carolina all the way to virginia boarder, including the chesapeake bay area. 6 to 10 inches of rainfall in this storm surge right here. in some are
thank you all. and thank you all for coming. [applause] [applause] oh, my goodness! steve! shut up! do you have a problem with your friends driving recklessly? with your friends endangering your life? i'm here to tell you that reckless driving is the number one cause of teenage deaths. but with new and improved "slow down" you don't have to die! he's right! we should slow down! announcer: in the real world... passenger: kim, pay attention! >> good morning, everyone. we are going to begin. all and to the relaunch of the ambassadors program. i am the executive director for civic and give jim an immigrant affairs. thank you to everyone for coming out this morning. we want to thank burst upon dr. eddie chan, the ceo of the northeast medical services center, whose facilities we are using this morning. we will be hearing prefer march from mayor lee fallen by president chu and supervisor cohen, and two community leaders. fallen by that, we will be introducing the permanent community ambassadors team. interpreters from my staff are here, so if you need language assistance, they are here. w
and nellie is here from the plumbing department and another project we have been working on. -- steve fiftpanelly. >> cheap plumbing inspector. good morning, commissioners. one of the things we are working on that i told you about last month was the boiler permit to operate to be done on line. after all the testing -- we have testing done last month. we have three different contractors that came in to do a lot of the certifications throughout san francisco, and they did a dry run, and we put it into production for them to test it. since then we have added three or four more contractors to the databases to see if there were any more problems with the system. we have had positive feedback, and by the end of the month we will be able to launch and put it out to the public for use. that is where we're at at this point. >> item 6g, update on new hires. >> since the beginning of the year we have had 13 new hires, which are actually holdovers from last year that were in last year's budget, but they will be starting at the end of this month. there will be 13, six of which are clerks. some wil
, for "teen kids news," i'm steve. cheers. >>> whale watching can be exciting. it got a little too exciting for two people off the coast of south africa. they watched a whale leap out of the ocean and dive back in. the next time the whale came up out of the water he landed on their sailboat, but everyone wound up okay. including the whale. >> this report is brought to you by mti, music theater international. >> one weekend, over 2,000 teens and lots of big dreams. >> roll those together and you have the 2011 junior theater festival. ♪ we dance to the music of the gods ♪ >> this student theater festival is the largest program of its kind. >> the goal of music theater international is to ensure there is a new audience, a growing audience, a building audience for live theater in america, which is an american art form. >> over the weekend, students attended workshops on performing and technical skills. >> so i was walking in the mall and then i see this platypus store. >> the theme of the festival was "i have a dream," in honor of martin luther king jr. day. so it was fitting that the event
, for "teen kids news," i'm steve. cheers. [nursery music playing] just three granules of lead dust can harm your child. if your home was built before 1978, log onto [thunder] announcer: up to 40% of businesses never recover after experiencing a major disaster. make a plan at we can all be energy savers. turn off lights, use energy saving light bulbs, and turn off electronics and appliances when not in use. learn what you can do today at girl: mom, can i have a dollar? yeah. it's right-- i think my purse is upstairs on the bed. it's not here. check the dining room. nope. what about your sister's room? not there, either. the upstairs closet? the downstairs closet. there are no more closets. announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. get ideas. get involved. get going at >>> whale watching can be exciting. it got a little too exciting for two people off the coast of south africa. they watched a whale leap out of the ocean and dive back in. the next time the whale came up out of the water he l
comfort to those who wait. steve kingston, "bbc world news," new york. >> we have an update on hurricane irene because we're being told by forecasters it is slowing down. only ever so slightly but it is slowing down as it heads towards north carolina. the national hurricane center said it is slowing down to is 30 miles per hour. that's down from 14 miles per hour, but it is slowing down slightly. we can see live pictures from north carolina where the manhattan expected to hit first. it looks like the bad weather is there. and that is live pictures from north carolina. we did hear from someone from the national hurricane center early who said it would possibly be downgraded to a category 1 storm and it seemed it was slowing down at the moment. but only ever so slightly. east coast bracing itself because hurricane irene is still due to hit land shortly, in a few hours' time beginning with north carolina. the next day in new york, of course. also an update on new york area airports. we are being told by the port authority, according to the reuters news agency, new york area airports will re
steve dorsey of atlantic beach. you have the first report of damage. >> reporter: we found out that the atlantic beach sheraton hotel pier, a rather large pier, about to to three miles down the beach in nine knoll shores was destroyed by some very high waves which is what we've been contending with really all morning. >> i know there are a few of these in houston. >> give us a sense of how it's feeling where you are right now. we saw matt gutman dealing with really difficult conditions. it looks a little bit more mild where you are. just talk us through that a little bit. >> reporter: yeah, sure thing, dan. you know, matt -- the worst of this storm is heading right now to matt. we've seen some very heavy rain earlier this morning, some very strong winds, and, of course, a very notorious storm surge. we're actually right near a seawall at the hotel we're at and the water has been reaching this area and just crashing right up against the wall so some very dangerous conditions out here all morning. >> steve dorsey, we appreciate your reporting and know we'll work with your station
is on the front lines on the outer banks of north carolina so straight now to reporter steve. dorsey on atlantic beach. >> reporter: we are expecting the eye of hurricane irene to pass right over us or very close to us any minute now. we have been experiencing the first few hours of hurricane irene throughout the morning here. we have been seeing some pretty large waves off of the shoreline right here at least 10 to 15 feet. they've been crashing on this seawall that we're standing next to throughout the morning flooding this coastline and really destroying the property, the dunes and coastal structure including some of the homes and condos in this area. something that we're going to be monitoring throughout the morning. back to you dan. >> steve. thank you very much for your reporting. we'll come back to you throughout the morning. bianna, back over to you. >> abc's sam champion is tracking the hurricane right now. bobby oudin is the county manager for dare county. thanks for joining us. can you describe the situation in your county right now? >> right now we've got evacuation was completed yes
for republicans. steve, you're on "washington journal." caller: good morning, gentlemen. how are you doing this morning? guest: good. thank you. caller: just a couple of different things. for one, if people do their home work, we need to start -- north rate is unemployment 3.6%. people need to get in there and look and see why it's 3.6% for one thing. this monte easing that -- monetary easing that everybody is talking about, why don't we call it what it is. it's inflation. we're inflating the money and stealing from the american people. it's not doing us any good at all. all of these big jobs, anything over $250,000 has to go to unions which is b.s. if we want to start getting this country back together, we have to get rid of the e.p.a. because they're stopping all of these jobs. i was talking to the painter the other day. said everything the e.p.a. is doing, he's going to be out of a job in three years because of all the restrictions and everything else they've been putting on. and everybody needs to start looking at it. it's not very good for this country. we're americans. we're not a eu
that might not be able to get home. >> reporter: like steve inglehart. >> we thought by waiting another day we could have easier driving. or floating. navigating. >> we are throwing a hurricane party here in d.c. >> reporter: because the high school reunion was scheduled for outer banks. >> we will not be going saturday, tomorrow, as originally planned. we will be postponing our trip until next
steven -- introduce steven at this time. >> thank you. thank you, my name is steve and i'm a parent of a 10-year-old beautiful boy with autism. and i remember march of last year went by mclaren lodge and i saw you, phil, and i know you have told this story a couple of times how i brought my boy, a.j. there, and said, can you help us? my boy has autism. what can you offer him in the summertime as a camp experience? and that sort of began a long relationship and wonderful time working with you and lucas and a number of other people here that spent time and effort trying to find ways that we could involve both the community, the private sector, and so on, to get this a reality. because it is expensive. the stats are really daunting that you heard from vicky. one in 120. mostly boys. that means one in 40 boys in san francisco has autism. and that's -- if there was some kind ever external threat that was neurologically damaging our children everybody would be up in arms. because it's mysterious, we don't know where it comes from. it's partially genetic, partially environmental. the needs
sometime tomorrow. taking a look at what could happen if this city is hit by a massive hurricane. >> steve and debbie o'sullivan and their children live in rockaway beach in new york. a tranquil setting. beautiful wide shoreline. they never used to worry about hurricanes. >> we never really understand the greater impact of it. we never had a great fear. we used to play out in them. >> what's changed? >> katrina. >> their house sits one block from the ocean with the atlantic on one side and jamaica bay on the other are thinking about stocking up on hurricane supplies. >> i really am seriously considering getting more supplies of water and dry goods. it is a worry for me. i mean, he's not as worried as i am. >> there may be good reason for concern. new york city hasn't experienced a big hurricane since 1938. with the increase in hurricane activity, combined with the law of averages, many experts believe another major storm may be coming and soon. >> is it going to be a slow rise? >> yeah. it's going to come up slowly. about the rate that you fill a bathtub. >> coastal geologist nick koch, hi
to 80% of your budget. steve got to get out of that business so it's not economic. the price the people are used to getting the newspapers you have to go on line. maybe you don't have a daily newspaper, in its bitter three days a week. maybe one day a week and an online business and then your costs are way down because you are no longer delivering these things every day, and sometimes they aren't even looking at it. so if you to take it and you also have to go on the business side of it and quit selling said coats and abs and start selling people. how do you want to reach we got the data. how're you going to get them there? how do you reach your audience, that's what we have to become, newspapers have to become modern formation companies. the help people that our business and where ever get their message across to the people in the audience. we do know the audience and we have to figure that out. i don't know if that is the answer but it's a helluva lot better than sitting here and watching everything go to hell in a handbasket. >> my last question is about methodology and writing the b
on "today in the bay," a quake rattles part of the bay area. a few felt us. let us know. and steve jobs' retirement from april is making his childhood home a tourist magnet. we'll take you out to where the fateful are flocking. more local news coming up in just 30 minutes. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. morning, august 27, 2011. this morning, breaking news on hurricane irene. you're looking there at live picture from atlantic beach, north carolina and nags head, north carolina, where the effects from irene are easy to see. it's expected to make landfall later this morning. we'll have live reports from north carolina and the heart of the storm in just a few moments. >>> back inside studio
though? >> no, because they didn't -- [laughter] >> damn, we lost to the steve harvey show! >> peabody, bet -- >> they're both very important. >> if i could just follow up on that. it's really difficult with a big network. and, you know, as someone who was fairly young in the business, it was extremely difficult to fight the corporate overlords. i mean, especially when it gets into race and something that's controversial, i mean, what sponsors want to see is a racial -- least is a racial controversy around the show. so it was, i mean, i have to say it was extremely difficult, and i have -- i mean, what really bothered me was how so many of the kind of corporate media tv execs, they really underestimate the black audience. i had a top executive sit me down and say verbatim, that's not ready. and it was just really disheartening to think that they have it in their minds that we can only digest this kind of information and we're not smart enough, particularly young people, to get the irony or the sarcasm. they won't understand, they're going to be offended. and t really disheartening. i w
steve millions who was excellent in wrongful confessions. his name was wrong to us. and it was only through this incredible sequence of events that got you this -- katherine the attorney that really pushed this case forward because my reading of the chicago magazine article about this case a couple of years ago was that your public defender thought you were kind of slick and didn't trust you. >> one of them. >> one of them. one of them didn't. so he wasn't going to call the newspapers to get anything going. he wasn't going to bring any pressure. >> and, you know, cathy and i debated that -- cathy is just not the type to self-aggrandize. she is unlike so many criminal defense lawyers in chicago. she will not call a press conference for herself. but weigh debated seriously before we started the trial, we thought should we, you know, call you guys and say, look, this guy has been in here five years and nine months without a trial. for someone who has never had -- you know, an arrest or anything, no involvement with the criminal justice system but cathy pointed out and i think she was s
to him. nobody ever called me and i get a lot of calls. nobody ever called my colleague steve millions who was excellent in wrongful confessions. his name was wrong to us. and it was only through this incredible sequence of events that got you this -- katherine the attorney that really pushed this case forward because my reading of the chicago magazine article about this case a couple of years ago was that your public defender thought you were kind of slick and didn't trust you. >> one of them. >> one of them. one of them didn't. so he wasn't going to call the newspapers to get anything going. he wasn't going to bring any pressure. >> and, you know, cathy and i debated that -- cathy is just not the type to self-aggrandize. she is unlike so many criminal defense lawyers in chicago. she will not call a press conference for herself. but weigh debated seriously before we started the trial, we thought should we, you know, call you guys and say, look, this guy has been in here five years and nine months without a trial. for someone who has never had -- you know, an arrest or anything, no inv
think that we have just seen steve jobs step bown a down. he was the only person i have ever known who has been able to merge the two worlds completely with an artist high as well as the definition of what a great engineering is. i'm sure that he and the company will do very well in the future. from my perspective, that is the perfect example of the kind of union that we should see in the future and other companies and other collaborations. from my perspective, again, this is the first time that the lecture has been given by someone not employed by television broadcasting or production. i am not sure whether it means the borrower has been raised or lowered, but i will do my best. sarta kurds it is an honor to be here -- it is an honor to be here as an outsider. james murdoch described himself as the critic relative everyone is embarrassed about. i guess where under would be what he would say no -- i guess i wonder what he would say no. shame is the family outcast, i am not sure what that makes me. am i did speak in the corner. am i the alien species? miam i the android? don't worry. ch
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)